Mobile Number not in use

The mobile number listed on the website is currently not working. If you wish to get in touch please email Thank you.… Read more

Update on Forum Going Forward

*Update about parent participation in Thurrock* Just to let families know that Contact, the organisation responsible for supporting parent participation and forums, will be working with an associate to look at starting up a new forum in Thurrock. Realistically due to current restrictions and summer holidays this is unlikely to be before September/October 2020. Meanwhile,… Read more

Notice of closure of CaPa forum

It is with sadness that I have to inform you of the immediate closure of CaPa. I am writing to let you know that CaPa, the parent participation forum representing Thurrock families has decided to close with immediate effect. The parent carers representing CaPa have worked hard for the past six years to raise the… Read more

Thurrock Home to School Travel Consultation Feb 2020

Thurrock Council wants to work with the community to develop methods that increase independence and confidence in children whilst reducing the cost to the community. They would like your views on the proposed changes to the Home to School Travel and Transport policy and the potential impact this has on you and members of your… Read more

Thurrock Post 18 Autism Consultation Feb 2020

Thurrock Council are seeking the views of young people with a diagnosis of Autism and their parents or carers to inform the development of Post 18 Autism Services in Thurrock. The service will provide educational support in the community and/or in the homes of young people and their families. Information gathered from this consultation will… Read more

Thurrock EHCP Survey Oct 19… Read more

EHCP and Health input

Advice from the Council for Disabled Children regarding input from Health professionals during the EHCP process… Read more

OFSTED/CQC SEND INSPECTION OUTCOME MAY 2019 This is Thurrock’s Ofsted/CQC SEND Inspection Report with Written Statement of Action required… Read more

Ofsted/CQC SEND Inspection in Thurrock Monday 4th to Friday 8th March 2019

** UPDATE** Parent Focus Group to meet Inspectors will be held on Tuesday 5th March 2019 11.45am-1pm at The Beehive Resource Centre, West Street, Grays, Essex, RM17 6XP From Monday 04 March to Friday 08 March 2019, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will carry out jointly an inspection of Thurrock Council. The inspection… Read more

Thurrock SEND Survey 2019

You may have heard about Local Area SEND Inspections which are being carried out by Ofsted/CQC – each area is given a few day’s notice of the inspectors coming and we anticipate that Thurrock will get that call soon! The inspectors will want your views about your experiences with the new EHCP process, and your… Read more